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4 Restaurants in Puerto Iguazu You Need to Know

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The city of Puerto Iguazú is the Argentinean neighbor of Foz do Iguaçu. Besides dividing the beautiful Iguaçu Falls with Brazil, our brothers share a taste for cuisine and so the small town is becoming more and more a gourmet destination. Do you want to know where to eat in Puerto Iguazú? So check out some of our restaurant suggestions.

1. The Argentine Experience

The Argentine Experience Iguazu

Direct from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazú, The Argentine Experience promises a gastronomic trip full of surprises. The menu includes the main Argentine culinary delights – from empanadas with gourmet fillings to the delicious sirloin steaks, to the traditional mate and a few glasses of the best Argentine wines.

Prato do The Argentine Experience

Unlike other restaurants, The Argentine Experience is not content to serve dishes, but seeks to share with its visitors some of the country’s gastronomic traditions. So be prepared to feed your body and mind during your Argentine experience.

Address: Avenida Brasil, n° 57.

2. Aqva Restaurant

Restaurante Aqva em Puerto Iguazú

Excellent option for dinner in Puerto Iguazú, the restaurant Aqva is an invitation to the best of the regional cuisine of Misiones – province to which the city belongs. The highlight on the menu of Aqva goes to meats and regional products, such as the fish of the rivers Paraná and Iguaçu.

Prato do restaurante Aqva

The menu is complete with the presence of homemade pasta, unique dishes and delicious dessert, the perfect recipe to leave anyone with mouth watering.

Address: Avenida Cordoba with Carlos Thays

3. El Quincho Del Tío Querido

Restaurante El Quincho Del Tío Querido

For those who do not know where to eat in Puerto Iguazu, El Quincho Del Tío Querido welcomes visitors in style and has excellent dishes. The asado, Argentine barbecue, is the specialty of the house, which also serves fish, pasta and other typical Argentinean dishes.

Prato do El Quincho Del Tío Querido

For over 30 years in the market, El Quincho is one of the most traditional restaurants in Puerto Iguazú, with guaranteed place in the hearts of locals and travelers.

Address: Avenida Pres. Juan Domingo Perón, n° 159.

4. “J” Alta Cocina

Restaurante "J" Alta Cocina

Located in the interior of a local hotel, J Alta Cocina provides a warm and beautiful atmosphere, which enchants the visitors in the first moments.

Prato de "J" Alta Cocina

The specialty of the house is meats, ranging from the traditional Argentinean roast to the region’s native fish, as well as the best elements of international cuisine. The main differentials of the J are the owner and chef Javier Sanchez, who runs his own restaurant after years of experience in some of the best restaurants in Argentina.

Address: Avenida Hipolito Irigoyen and San Lorenzo. Next to the hotel Iguazú Jungle Lodge.

These are just a few options, since the list of restaurants in Puerto Iguazú is long and of the best quality! It is no wonder that lunch or dinner in Puerto Iguazú is always part of the itinerary of those who visit the Land of the Falls.

Now that you already know where to eat in Puerto Iguazu, take time to visit Foz do Iguaçu’s restaurants.

Do you have any other restaurant tips in Puerto Iguazú? Share with us!

Images: Viaje na Viagem e Divulgação.

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