Travel in Brazil: 5 Incredible Reasons to Get to Know the Country Better

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Traveling through Brazil is finding a different world in every part of the country. There are more than 8 thousand km² of great diversity, receptivity and charming places. The variety is so great that it is impossible not to fall in love with any place in that country.

Among beaches, mountains, architecture or a multitude of cultures, anyone traveling here will find hundreds of reasons to love Brazilian cities even more. Check out 5 reasons to travel around Brazil:

1. Adventure Tourism


Brazil is one of the best places in the world to do adventure tourism. More than half the territory is made up of forests rich in flora and fauna, where it is possible to make radical trails, jungle camps and enjoy beautiful rivers and waterfalls.

In addition, an extensive coastline shelters paradisiacal beaches to dive, practice extreme sports or simply enjoy the clear sand and the surrounding nature.

Trekking and mountain climbing can also be part of the itinerary of anyone traveling in Brazil. And for those who want even more adventure, Brazil is the ideal place to jump parachute with the best scenarios in the world, as in Foz do Iguassu, where the jump is carried out on the impressive Itaipu Power Plant.

2. Beaches and Paradisiac Islands


Even if you are not adept at adventure tourism, you will surely be enchanted by the beauty of the Brazilian coast, which has more than 7 thousand kilometers in length and beaches considered the best on the planet.

Options include warm, crystal clear waters that provide delicious bathing and incredible diving among fish and other marine animals. The tropical climate leaves the climate warm and ideal to enjoy the sea all year round in some regions.

On a trip through Brazil, you will also find paradisiac and untouched islands, which allow an unforgettable contact with nature.

3. Historical Cities


Among the best travel tips in Brazil is the visit to historic cities that, besides being beautiful, are a history lesson. The colonization of the country was influenced by several different cultures and are reflected to date in the way of living of the population.

By visiting the preserved sites throughout the country, it is possible to observe and learn about architecture, art and traditions.

4. A lot of Feast and Joy


Extremely festive country, the most celebrated celebration here is the Carnival, which happens early in the year. Traveling through Brazil you can see the differences that exist in the same party, such as the big parades that are held in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro or the street blocks and Trios Elétricos that drag crowds in the Northeast of Brazil.

In addition, celebrations take place throughout the year in different parts of the country, such as the Parintins folk festival, the famous Oktoberfest in Blumenau and many other celebrations that explain why the Brazilian people are one of the most joyous in the world.

5. Diversified Gastronomy


In a country where cultural diversity reigns, there is no way to be different in relation to culinary. In each region it is possible to try a typical dish tastier than the other. Among the most famous are the feijoada, the spicy acarajé of Bahia, the baião of two of Ceará and the delicious bread of Minas Gerais cheese.

For you, what is the best reason to travel in Brazil? Tell us!

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