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4 Amazing Adventure Sports to Practice in South America

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Crossing deep abysses, ice climbing, walking around volcanos or jumping from an airplane are just some of the activities that the adventure sports lovers practices. Getting to know beautiful landscapes, as well as countries, cultures or just to feel the thrill of freedom, these extreme sports are often chased by the people with adrenaline in their veins.

And one of the places the adventure sports lovers seek the most is the beautiful and delightful South America. With fascinating sceneries, that vary from the green of the trees to the bluish white of the ice, the continent is full of new discoveries and amazing places to venture and find out.

Thinking about it, we have separated some of the extreme sports for you to get inspired and live unique experiences – like meeting some National Parks of the Continent, for example – in 4 countries of South America. Check it out!

1. Ecuador: Volcanoes’ Avenue

It looks like a movie scene, but in Ecuador it is possible to experience something unspeakable, like seeing snow falling while you are placed at the foothills of a volcano. The spectacle takes place in the scenographic Volcanoes’ Avenue, a route with 300 km, formed by a mountainous area that reaches 27 volcanoes.

With trails of different difficulty level and duration, the most appropriate time to visit the region is in the morning, when the whether is usually clearer and the visibility gets better, gifting the adventurers with breathtaking landscapes.

2. Bolivia: Ice Climbing

For those who would rather venture in the ice, a great option is climbing Huayna Potosí, a peak of the Andes Mountain Range placed in Bolivia. On a walk of nearly 2 days, it is possible to get to the summit of the mountain, with 6.000 meters high. To accomplish the climbing it is necessary to have a good physical condition and  lots of energy.

Considered one of the most beautiful mountains of Bolivia, Huayna Potosí is on of the most sought destinations by the adventure sports lovers.

3. Brazil: Skydiving

One of the most visited destinations by tourists in Brazil is the city of Foz do Iguaçu. known as the Land of the Falls, the region has one of the most amazing landscapes of the nature. The strength of the water becomes the fun stage of the adventurers, allowing sports like rafting and climbing.

Besides, the famous city is also know for the parachute jumping over the Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant, practiced by SkydiveFoz. The sport can be done by any person inside the age and weight group and only requires prepare and deeper knowledge for those who want to jump alone. In this case, SkydiveFoz offers skydiving courses and trainings to the interested people.

4. Chile: Kayak in the Grey Lake

Have you ever imagined rowing by huge icebergs? In Chile, more precisely in Gray Glacier, this scenery comes true. The ice block is so big  that even the less experienced tourists can get next to the blue and white wilderness.

Climbing the blue walls is an unspeakable feeling for those who enjoy adventure trips, besides, you can row your kayak throughout the freezing water and live one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

And then, know any other destination to practice adventure sports? Live your tips by the comments!

Images: Patagonicus Chile, Viagem em Pauta, diário de um escalador, SkydiveFoz, Torres del Paine e i3.visitchile.

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