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Become a Skydiving Athlete: Get to Know the AFF Course at SkydiveFoz

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Most of people who skydive for the first time can’t get enough of it. Some of them choose to repeat the tandem jump, while other already think about becoming a skydiving athlete and start to jump on their own. And that’s why the AFF course exists!

The skydiving course for beginners of SkydiveFoz is complete and includes all the requires from the CBPq – Confederação Brasileira de Paraquedismo (Parachuting Brazilian Confederation, in English). Therefore, we have prepared an exclusive post about the AFF course so that you can learn better and get all your questions answered. Check it out!

What is the AFF Course?

The initials of the AFF course come from the term Accelerated Free Fall. The training to become a skydiver at SkydiveFoz uses the most advanced method of the world and includes a theoretical preparation – with 10 hours inside a classroom – and the practical part, which is the parachute jumping.

What Does the Student Learn in the Theoretical Prep?

In the theoretical preparation of the AFF course, the student learns all the techniques required to practice the sport safely: how the parachute works and its parts; box-position, which is the free fall position; how to trigger and pilot the equipment; and the procedures that must be done in case of an emergency.

Besides, the skydiving course also counts with hanging equipment in order to simulate the procedures that must be done during the jump, giving the student more confidence to proceed the practical step.

And The Practical Part?

To become a recognized parachutist and settled to the CBPq, it is necessary to complete all the theoretical part and totalize 8 parachute jumps of the AFF course. During the learning process, the student registers at the Confederation, being categorized as AI (Aluno em Instrução, or, in English, Student in Learning). Each jump is a different level and the learner has to complete exercises to achieve a better control of the body during the free fall and advance to the next level*.

From the first to the third level, the student jumps alone, but with the companion of 2 instructors. From the fourth jump until the seventh level, only 1 instructor goes with the learner and the eighth level is considered the “graduating jump”, where the new skydiver is ready to jump on his own.

The jumps during the AFF course are done at a height of 12 thousand feet – 3.600 meters of altitude. That is equal to, approximately, 45 seconds of free fall and 5 minutes of parachuting manage. The speed in free fall can get to 220 km/h.

*In case the student don’t fulfill the exercise required, it will be necessary to repeat the jump of the AFF course.

When Finishing the AFF Course What Must Be the Frequency of the Parachute Jumps?

After the first jump of the AFF course, the student can’t stay longer than 30 days without jumping until his/her graduation, when advances to “A” category inside CBPq. To evolve from category, it is necessary to perform jumps and specific abilities.

After finishing the AFF course, the parachutist is able to skydive alone.

Got interested? On days 08, 09 and 10 of June SkydiveFoz will offer the AFF couse, check out more information here!

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