5 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Making A South American Backpacking

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Making a backpacker through South America is among the plans of people from different parts of the world. This is an economical alternative compared to a similar trip in Europe, for example, since prices in these countries tend to be lower, which is great for backpackers, who usually have a reduced budget to spend on the trip.

But, the lower costs do not make travel in South America less interesting. On the contrary, there are 12 different countries full of attractions like natural beauties, historical architectures, mountains, deserts, volcanoes and much more to know and appreciate.

So we’ve separated 5 useful travel tips for those planning a backpacking trip around South America. Check it out!

1. Tickets

One of the most essential travel tips to save money is to plan and keep an eye on air travel, looking for deals and more attractive prices.

Another way to optimize time and money while backpacking in South America is to schedule your trip. That way, you can buy a ticket from multiple destinations. For example, São Paulo – Buenos Aires for the trip and Lima – São Paulo for the return. Thus, you do not need to return to the starting city when you finish your trip.

During the trip, the tip is to buy bus tickets to get from one city to another. If the budget is tight, overnight travel is a way to save on hosting.

2. Stay in Hostels

Shared rooms and a friendly environment full of travelers are an option to save money and also interact more with other people, make friendships and even exchange smart travel tips.

Another advantage of hostels for those who want to spend less is the shared kitchen. So you can save money by preparing your own meals and avoiding expensive restaurants.

3. Search on the Average Values ​​of each Country

Do some research on the average values ​​of lodging, restaurants and tours that you want to carry out in each country of your backpacking in South America. This way you can program better with money and avoid any hassles or unforeseen circumstances during the trip.

One tip is the Numbeo website, which helps you get an idea of ​​each spending in different countries.

4. Attention in the Backpack

A very common mistake among first-time backpackers is to take more than necessary in the luggage. On such a trip, the traveler will spend a lot of time with his backpack on his back. So select only what is essential.

Among the travel tips to save weight and space in the backpack is to take garments of wild clothes according to the weather, and put the hygiene products in smaller jars.

5. Documentation and Vaccines

Watch for countries that require visas for your nationality and arrange in advance. Some places also require the presentation of the current International Immunization Certificate. In South America, Bolivia and Ecuador make this demand. However, check the recommendations of each country present in your roadmap.

Travel insurance is not a requirement of all countries, but it can be a hand in hand if you have health problems or accidents while backpacking in South America.

Have you ever backpacked in South America and have any other tips? Write in the comments!

Images: Folha Vitória, Play Hostel, MochilandoDesassossegada, Seu Mochilão

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