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Best Parachute Athletes: 6 Athletes that Have Made History in Skydiving

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Just like in the science, arts and languages world, sports also have a space destined for its legends, as the best parachute athletes in the world. They have made history in unforgettable jumpings, bringing the discipline to knowledge and making easier the access to the extreme sports universe.

Thinking about it, we decided to list some of the main parachute athletes that have been a milestone to the sport’s history. Check it out!

Albert Berry

Known as the first person to jump from a plane wearing a parachute, Albert Berry couldn’t be left outside the list of the main parachutists. Berry got famous in 1912 when he jumped from a height of 457 meters.

Despite all the unexpected things during the fall, like delay in the parachute opening, bouncing on the way down and impact with the ground, Berry returned to perform the jumpings.


One of the best national parachute athletes, Luiz Henrique Tapajós mostly known as Sabiá has performed more than 10 thousand jumpings in around 40 different countries. The athlete practices skydiving for more than 30 years and has been collecting way too brave experiences and adventures since then.

In February, Sabiá and other 2 athletes broke the South American record of the highest number of jumpings in the same day. The 3 of them have performed 105 jumpings in almost 12 hours of activity.

Joseph Kittinger Jr.

Former pilot in the United States Army Air Force, Kittinger deserves a spot in the list of the main parachute athletes for performing a historical jumping in the 60s decade. The American took part in a study where he had to jump from over 31 thousand meters of height, getting into the skydiving history.

Despite the technology of the time and some difficulties during the jumping, Kittinger got safely to the ground.

Georgia Ann Thompson Broadwick

Georgia Broadwick mostly known as Tiny Broadwick, due to her small size has her prominent role in our list of main parachute athletes. The North American was the first person to jump with a parachute for a free fall.

In the 1910 decade, Tiny Broadwick was invited to take part in parachute jumping demonstrating exercises for American army pilots. Her passion for the sport began when watching a show where a man jumped from a hot air balloon.

Luigi Cani

Another Brazilian for our list of the best parachute athletes, Luigi Cani conquered an important spot in the extreme sports. The athlete has already jumped from a free-falling car, passed really close to Christ the Redeemer and got to jump from a prototype of the parachute created by Leonardo da Vinci.

Felix Baumgartner

One of the most famous parachute athletes of these days, Felix Baumgartner performed a historical making in 2012, when he jumped from the stratosphere. The Austrian overcame the speed of sound, achieving more than 340 meters per second, in a free fall of over 39 thousand meters high.

Baumgartner got into the Book of Records with one of the most audacious jumpings of the world skydiving history.

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Images: Correio de Gravataí, efemérides do éfemello, Mapio.net, arstechnica.com, Wikipedia, Jornal NH, YouTube.

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