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The 6 Best South American Destinations to Enjoy Summer

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Summer is one of the most pleasant seasons of the year. Sun, blue sky, beaches and beautiful landscapes make it the favorite season of many people. And, to inspire this atmosphere of trip and hot weather, we have separated some of the best South American destinations to enjoy Summer. Check it out!

Punta del Este – Uruguay

One of the best South American destinations, Punta del Este is perfect for those who look for delightful landscapes and great entertainment options. The city has beautiful beaches, as well as a rich gastronomy and must-take tours. Enjoy the season to watch a spectacular sunset. In the Summer, it can happen at around 9 p.m.

Los Roques – Venezuela

Formed by several small islands, Los Roques is one of the best South American destinations to enjoy Summer. There are more than 300 white sand shoals with blue and transparent water, inviting for a bath in the sea or a practice of snorkel and diving.

Foz do Iguaçu – Brazil

The Land of the Waterfalls is the ideal place to enjoy summer. Even without any beaches, the city offers amazing tours with lots of water involved. You can cool off and meet one of the 7 New Wonders of the Nature, as well as go on boat tours, trails and extreme sports, like skydiving with a view of Itaipu.

Tayrona – Colômbia

Considered one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world, Tayrona got into the list of Summer destination. A place with large wild vegetation area, as well as several animal species and stunning blue-toned sea. The park has trails and breathtaking landscapes.

Viña del Mar – Chile

Viña del Mar, one of the best South American destinations with beaches to enjoy Summer, has guaranteed its place in the list. With a mouth-watering gastronomy, full of seafood, as well as historical monuments and several aquatic sports, the place is perfect to enjoy the season and learn more about the local culture.   

Galápagos – Ecuador

One of the most exotic destinations of our list, Galápagos Islands have several islands with rare animal species. As well as volcanos, beaches and forests, the islands are ideal to practice diving, with the chance of watching turtles, rays and sea lions. Perfect destination if you enjoy nature!

And you, already know any of these South American destinations? Tell us in the comments!

Images: Great Escape, Claudia Bartelle, Ideias e Dicas, Audley Travel, Lonely Planet, Chile Travel, doitviaggi.com.

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