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5 Essential Tips to Bus Travel Around South America

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Different, funny and dynamical, bus trips can have great surprises. Specially if the destinations chosen involve new cultures, breathtaking landscapes and unprecedented experiences. Going on a South America bus trip is making a dream come true for the ones that want to discover more about this continent.

There are more than 10 countries, with uncountable kilometers to go through and options for all tastes. You can also enjoy getting dazzled by the landscapes on the way. Therefore, we have separated some tips for those who want to go on a bus trip and backpack around South America. Take notes!

1. Fares

Travelling by bus around South America is one of the cheapest ways to visit the subcontinent. The ticket fares don’t usually have big changes and the bus stations are generally better placed than airports, what ends up influencing in the money spent with other transportations.

2. Time

When travelling by bus around South America you will probably pass through some borders. The duration of the trip can vary from few hours until more than a week. One example is the longest trip in the world, that leaves from the bus station of Rio de Janeiro, heading to Bogotá, in Colombia, with an average duration of 10 days.

3. Safety

Travelling by bus is a safe way to visit new destinations, but it is always good to keep an eye on your luggage, especially when passengers are getting off the bus. The countries with more cases of thefts and losses are: Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. And the safest destination for a bus trip is Colombia. With extremely safe roads, the country counts with strict control in the buses.

4. Destinations

Buenos Aires and Asunción are the destinations people most look for when travelling by bus in South America. Paraguay is also one of the countries with highest demand for bus tickets around the subcontinent.

5. Buses and Bus Stations

As well as in Brazil, most of the countries in South America counts with bus companies that offer high quality vehicles, with options of bed-like or almost bed-like seats (leito and semi-leito). They are considered the most modern models and, usually, include Wi-Fi, minibar, TVs, energy plugs and comfortable seats. But there are also older vehicles.

The bus stations change a lot according to the country, like in Peru, where each company has its own terminal. But, the other destinations usually have a central bus station, where all the bus companies of the city usually leave from, like in Brazil.

Extra Tips

  • Always take with you some change in local currency, that makes it easier when you need to use the bathroom of the bus stations. It is usually charged a symbolic rate to use it.
  • Take a snack to the trip, it isn’t common for the buses around South America to stop on the road. Water, fruits and sandwiches must always be part of your luggage.
  • Another important tip if you want to travel by bus around South America: separate warm clothes or a blanket for the trip. The buses usually have an extremely cold air conditioning during the night.

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Images: YouTube, Shutterstock, LandMeFar, LinkedIn, fortalbus.com, Notícias ao Minuto.

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