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Everything You Need to Know To Go On a Car Triple Around the Triple Frontier

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Taking a car trip to the triple frontier is a good alternative to guarantee an easy and stress-free transportation during the journey around the region. While taking the bus requires getting adapted to its times or the taxi – which is practical – but can make it more expensive, having your own vehicle allows easy access to both the touristic attractions and leaves the visit to Paraguay and Argentina even more practical.

So, if you are thinking about taking a trip to Foz do Iguaçu and region, check useful tips to get to the city and travel with your own car on the triple border:

Important Tips For a Car Trip

Every car trip require lots of attention and care to assure getting safely to the destination. Therefore, when hitting the road, it is indispensable to:

  • Take the vehicle to a complete check-up;
  • Check if the the personal and car’s documents are up to date;  
  • Organize and calculate the trip, bringing enough money for toll charges and some extra in the case of places that don’t take the card;
  • Sleep well before the trip and, on the road, stop to stretch the legs once in a while;  
  • Bring water and some snacks to keep hydrated and satisfy that moment hunger on the road;
  • Ask for one of the passengers to stay awake and keep contact with the drive, avoiding naps at the wheel.

Car Trip to the Triple Frontier

The access to Foz do Iguaçu by car is by the highway BR 277 and, from the entrance of the city, you must drive for only 20 minutes to get downtown. The avenue that makes this connection is Costa e Silva, which has many signs indicating the main spots of the region.

The access to the principal touristic attractions of the city are well signed and easy to be found. However, if you can, use a GPS to make the transportation easier.

Car Trip From Foz do Iguaçu to Argentina

Being on the triple frontier, it gets easy to cross to Argentina. The city of Puerto Iguazú, that makes border with Brazil, has several attractions, like other access to the Iguazú Falls and amazing restaurant options.

Another attraction that is very famous in the Argentinian side is the Duty Free Shop, that is by the immigration and it isn’t necessary to cross the border to shop in there.

But if you really want to cross to the other side, we have some tips:

  • Take your passport to show at the Argentinian Immigration;
  • Have the Carta Verde Insurance for the car. It is mandatory;
  • If you want to stay away from long lines, avoid the rush hour which is at the end of the day, between 6p.m. and 8p.m.
  • Underage (18) can only enter in the country with both of the parents (in case one of them is absent, it is necessary to have a notarized authorization signed by both parents, allowing the entrance of the child in the country).

Car Trip From Foz do Iguaçu to Paraguay

Shopping in Paraguay is one of the main interests of people who visit the triple frontier, although Ciudad del Este also has some other interesting tours. To any of the options, crossing the Paraguayan immigration requires:

  • It is not usual for the Paraguayans to ask for documents at the entrance of the country by car, even though you must bring your up-to-date personal and car’s documents.
  • If you are going to shop in the center of the city, leave the car at a private parking lot;
  • Drive carefully, the traffic in Ciudad del Este is kind of messy.

Have you ever visited the triple frontier by car or have other tips? Leave a comment!

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