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9 Countries That Most Practice Tandem Skydiving in Foz do Iguaçu

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The tandem skydiving is the ideal form to try out and get to know parachuting. Feel like flying is a wish from many people from all over the world and it started to come true hundreds of years ago. Moreover, the scenery from the parachute jump in Foz do Iguaçu is one of the most amazing of the world.

Check out what are the 9 countries with the higher number of tandem jump in SkydiveFoz!

9th: Switzerland

Switzerland, famous for its Alps, has many adepts of extreme sports, like parachuting. Therefore, when visiting Brazil, they don’t miss the opportunity of trying a tandem skydiving with one of the most incredible sceneries in the world.

8th: Israel

Placed on the eighth position, the natives from Israel travelers also enjoy the visit to one of the most famous touristic attractions of the world to do tandem skydiving.

7th: Iran

Situated on the same region of Israel, Iran is also one of the countries that mostly enjoy the adventure of a tandem skydiving at SkydiveFoz. The tourists, first attracted by the Falls, don’t miss the chance of jumping in a gorgeous landscape while visiting the city.

6th: China and Korea

On the 6th place in the ranking are the Chinese and Korean. Famous for having a different culture and culinary, these Asian also enjoy some extreme sports.

5th: India

The indians love an adventure activity and fills the fifth place among the countries that mostly practice tandem skydiving at SkydiveFoz.

4th: Germany

When they come to Foz do Iguaçu, the germans don’t waste the opportunity of having an adventure in a parachute jump at one of the most amazing sceneries in the world!

3rd: England

In third place, neither the English people want to miss the adventure of a tandem skydiving in the Land of the Falls.

2nd: Argentina

Neighbours of Foz do Iguaçu, the Argentines enjoy the proximity to parachute jump at SkydiveFoz. This advantage favors the classification in the second place place in the ranking, bringing more people to have an adventure in this amazing breathtaking scenery.

1st: Brazil

With a large territory and rich in incredible places to practice sports, Brazil is full of adventurers, being the country with the biggest number of tandem skydiving at SkydiveFoz.

Since the invention of the first parachute until nowadays, many things have changed and evolved in this sport, offering better safety and bringing new possibilities to the practitioners.

The SkydiveFoz goes along with this evolution and owns the better safety equipments and the most modern airplanes to perform the tandem skydiving. Therefore, people from all over the world choose to live this experience here.

Would you have the guts to parachute jump or have already experienced tandem skydiving? Tell us on the comments!

Images: SkydiveFoz.

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