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Commerce or Tourist Dollars? Know What to Buy When Travelling

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Most of the people love travelling, but big part of them don’t know the difference between the tourist dollar and the dollar for commerce. And, if there is something every traveller should be aware of, is the dollar’s quotation. It will influence in your shopping, tours and accommodations, so, it is worth it always being aware of its price and then, be able to plan your trip with calm and free from unexpected situations.

A common doubt for those who need to exchange money or buy the North American money to travel is knowing what exactly is the difference between the tourist dollar and the dollar for commerce. Thinking about it, we have related the main differences between them to make your next trip easier. Check it out!

Dollar for Commerce

The conversion rate of the commercial exchange is defined according to the supply and demand of the currency in the market. Used in international transactions of big companies, usually in imports and exports of commodities, besides external loans, international financials and foreigns investments.    

Tourist Dollar

On the other hand, the exchange fare is used for tickets issues, external tourism transactions and foreign currency debts with credit card. The tourist dollar has a higher quotation than the commerce dollar, since it counts all the costs involved in the importation of the currency paper from the country of origin, including its progress until arriving at the exchange houses.   

Sales and Purchase of the Dollar

No matter what kind of dollar chosen, tourist or commercial, the fare for the one that buys is always higher from the estimated fare the one selling it. For example: you buy a candy and decide to sell it, therefore you will trade it at a higher price than spent in the purchases, it is called spread. Summarizing, to sell dollar, look for higher rates. And, to buy it, look for lower ones.

Dollar for Shopping in Other Countries

The tourist dollar is that used by tourists all over the world, bought from a different currency. In this case, in Brazil, it is purchased with real and the best time to buy is when the tourist dollar quotation is lower.

For Brazilians that look for buying in other countries, a great option is the neighbour Paraguay. The country borders with Brazil, between the cities of Foz do Iguaçu and Ciudad del Este, and offers several international labels of products. There are hundreds of stores with electronics, clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, utensiles and much more.

The tip to shop in Paraguay is taking the the money in dollars – the most used currency by the merchants in Ciudad del Este – and always be careful. Search only trustable stores and distrust from prices much lower than general.

Now that you already know the difference between tourist dollar and dollar for commerce, you just have to pay attention to the quotation of the exchange and find the place with the lower rates to change your money.

Did you know the difference between the tourist dollar and the dollar for commerce? Tell us in the comments!

Images: Banco Bonsucesso, MarketWatch, Passagem Aérea, Shoptutor.

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