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Jump Without Fear: The Safety of Parachuting Equipment

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Performing a double parachute jump requires basic student preparation and, above all, safety. The rules of CBPq – Brazilian Parachute Confederation – are strict, but necessary, to ensure that parachuting schools act at the highest level of precaution and confidence.

SkydiveFoz follows all the requirements of CBPq – in addition to having a trained team – and uses the best equipment available in the market.

Check out the skydiving equipment we use to ensure an exciting and safe jump!


Safety Equipment

All SkydiveFoz skydiving equipment is manufactured by UPT, United Parachute Technologies – one of the best known and renowned companies in the industry in the world.

For all jumps, a main parachute and another reserve are used. They have an automatic triggering device called DAA, developed by NASA and recreated for sporting use.

To attach the student to the instructor, an equipment that has four hooks is adopted, each of which supports up to two tons.

All devices are mandatory, guaranteeing total safety when parachuting.

In addition, other auxiliary skydiving equipment is essential:

  • Heels: to avoid discomfort and to protect grade glasses and contact lenses during free fall;
  • Altimeter: Indicates height and ensures that the parachutist fires the equipment at the right time.

All equipment is state-of-the-art and checked in detail before each parachute jump, always prioritizing safety. For double jumps, only the sigma model is considered, considered the best and safest for this category.

SkydiveFoz Skydiving School Structure


For the parachute jump, SkydiveFoz uses the Swiss-made Pilatus Porter PC-6, considered the best and safest airplane in the world to practice the sport. The aircraft holds up to 10 parachutists and is an exclusive model in Brazil.

The good qualification of the instructors is also one of the priorities of the company. All practicing professionals are very experienced, with thousands of parachute jumps performed. In addition, every 15 days they meet for “Safety Day” – a training that consists of discussing and updating the most relevant issues in the national and international skydiving scenario.

Every year, instructors also pass an exams battery required by CBPq to ensure quality and excellence in jumping performance. SkydiveFoz always prioritizes the safety of the parachutist and student.

In just over 3 years, the school has performed more than 15 thousand parachute jumps, as well as having an incredible scenario to make the experience of the passenger even better: the jump is made on the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant, elected one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, and is considered one of the best adventure tours of Foz do Iguaçu.

Check out the video how the parachute jumps are made at SkydiveFoz:

Do you have any further questions about our safety equipment? Leave your question in the comments!

Images: SkydiveFoz

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