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9 Healthy and Simple Cultivation Habits in 2017

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Preserving healthy habits is essential to ensure a good quality of life. Sleeping well, having a balanced diet and practicing physical activity are some actions that help maintain physical and mental health.

So by taking advantage of the beginning of the year – and the promises we make to make during the period – we’ve listed 9 healthy habits to start and maintain in 2017. Check it out!

1. Wake up Earlier

According to a survey conducted by Roehampton University in London, who has this healthy habit is even thinner and happier. In addition, the routine is adopted by several successful entrepreneurs, such as Apple’s Tim Cook and Howard Schultz of Starbucks.

The fact is that those who wake up earlier can make better use of the day, being able to perform tasks calmly, in advance and better productivity. But, it is important to combine this with the habit of going to bed earlier, ensuring a good night’s rest.

2. Drink Water

Regular ingestion of fluids ensures the proper functioning of the body and helps prevent health problems. The recommendation is to drink 2 liters or 8 glasses of water per day.

3. Take Care of Food

Ingesting fruits and vegetables in daily meals helps to ensure the essential vitamins to the body. Avoiding fries and excess sugars and fat, for example, in addition to being a healthy habit helps give you more energy and readiness to accomplish the daily tasks.

4. Practice a Physical Activity

Physical activity is responsible for speeding up metabolism, better oxygenation of the blood, and increased production of endorphin – the hormone that causes the feeling of well being. In addition, regular practice of this healthy habit also helps in the prevention of heart problems and obesity.

5. Maintain an Notebook

The organization is a healthy habit that can collaborate to avoid anxiety and stress, in addition to increasing the chances of accomplishing all the desired activities or goals on time.

6. Take Some Time Just for Yourself

Turning off problems and disconnecting is a good way to relax, organize thoughts, gain self-awareness and even relieve stress. Take time to be alone, you can be meditating or doing some activity that pleases you. The important thing is to take a moment to focus on yourself.

7. Write Your Thoughts

This is a good way to put out the feelings and make the days lighter. Write about what you are feeling, problems and even solutions. This helps to organize the thoughts better.

8. Make Something New Every Day

From small day-to-day situations, such as taking a different route to work, to a more radical adventure, such as parachute jumping for the first time. Doing different activities helps get out of the rut, leaving life less monotonous and giving yourself opportunities to live new experiences and learnings.

9. Have Positive Thoughts

Finally, acquire the healthy habit of cultivating positive thoughts. Always focus on the solution rather than the problems.

Did you like the tips of healthy habits to cultivate in 2017? Leave a comment!

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