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Hostel in Puerto Iguazu: 5 Tips of Amazing Accommodations in Argentina

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Who visits the triple frontier can choose among three different countries to stay. Opting for a hostel in Puerto Iguazu, in Argentina, is a great alternative for being closer to local people and other travelers as well as having a cheaper accommodation.

There are also several options of hostels in Foz do Iguaçu, in the Brazilian side of the triple frontier. However, both countries have great places to stay cozy and comfortably in the region, so that you can enjoy the tours even better.

Having it in mind, we listed some hostels of Puerto Iguazu to give a hand in your search. Check it out!

1. Tangoinn Club Iguazu

Placed in the entrance of the Argentinian’s side of the Iguazu Falls and only 10 minutes away from the center of Puerto Iguazu, hostel Tangoinn Club Iguazu is a great option for those that wish to stay very close to nature and to the touristic attractions of the region, without giving up a good quality accommodation.

Hostel Tangoinn Club Iguazu has a structure and services that look like a 3-star hotel, but, with a friendly hostel atmosphere. The place counts both with shared dorms and private rooms, always equipped with air conditioner and television, as well as a big swimming pool, parking lot, bar and restaurant.

2. Hostel Bambu Iguazu

With a strategical location, Hostel Bambu Iguazu is few squares from the center of Puerto Iguazu and near the bus station of the city, making it easier the transportation until the farther touristic spots.

The rooms can be private — for two or four people — or shared, for until 12 people in a dorm. The pleasant atmosphere also counts with a bar, garden, shared kitchen and hammocks, allowing great interaction with local people and other travelers.

Among the positive views of the hostel in Puerto Iguazu is the friendly and helpful staff.

3. Garden Stone Hostel

In an area surrounded by lots of green in the center of Puerto Iguazu, is placed the Garden Stone Hostel. The place is very close to the bus station, as well as bars and famous restaurants of the city.

This hostel of Puerto Iguazu has simple accommodations, but with great cost-benefit. There are options of private rooms or dorms with until 8 beds, shared kitchen and wide external area, with hammocks, swimming pool, and even a barbecue grill.

4. Porämbá Hostel

Porämbá is a great option of hostel in Puerto Iguazu for those like being close to the nature, since although located in the city center, has a great green area surrounded by plants and animals.

The rooms are shared and the common areas includes a kitchen, swimming pool, hammocks, tennis table and bar. The dorms are equipped with air conditioner and free Wi-Fi. The staff is attentive and is part of the good views of the hostel.

5. Iguazu Falls Hostel

Also with a great location, the Iguazu Falls Hostel is only one square from the bus station and very close to several restaurants and bars of the city. The rooms can be shared or private, for until 4 people and there are options with or without air conditioner.

The common area is equipped with a swimming pool, tennis table, TV room and Wi-Fi internet.

Have you ever stayed in a hostel of Puerto Iguazu? Share your experience in the comments!

Images: Lonely Planet, Bambu Hostels, TripAdvisor, Hostelworld, Booking.com.

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