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Itaipu Dam: Check Out the Amazing View of Skydiving in Foz do Iguaçu

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As well as the adrenaline and safety that is involved in skydiving, the place where the adventure is taken is a deal breaker to those that would like to experience this feeling. After all, a beautiful scenery can make the event even more amazing. Who jumps with SkydiveFoz, is pleased by the view of the Itaipu Dam – an impressive and striking landscape.

Want to learn more about the scenery of the skydiving in Foz do Iguaçu? So, check out the post we have prepared to tell you everything about the Itaipu Dam!

History of Itaipu Dam

Itaipu Dam is the biggest generator of clean and renewable energy of the planet. With a 14.000 MW power rating produced by 20 hydro turbines, the power is binational and took from 1974 until 1982 to be built in Paraná River, as a result from an agreement between Brazil and Paraguay. The name Itaipu has an indian tupi-guarani origin and means “the rock that sings”.

Its building was essential for the development of the region, bringing to the city at about 40 thousand workers. Only in Foz do Iguaçu there were raised thousands of houses and a hospital to help the new inhabitants, that went from 20 thousand to more than 100 thousand within around 10 years.

After the building was finished, in October of 1982, it was necessary 14 days to fill up the reservoir until the Itaipu Dam was finally inaugurated. In this period, Mymba Kuera operation was also accomplished, saving the life of more than 35 thousand animals who lived in the areas that would become flooded.

In the 5th of May of 1984, the first generator unity of the power plant starts operating, marking the beginning of the energy production.

Curiosities About the Itaipu Dam

  • The power plant counts with 20 generator unities and each one has a power rating of 700 MW;
  • Paraná River, where the Itaipu Dam was built, is the second largest of South America and the seventh longest in the world;
  • Today, the power plant supplies at all 17% of the energy consumed in Brazil and 76% in Paraguay;
  • Paraguay doesn’t use all their 50% of energy generated by the hydroelectric, selling surplus to Brazil;
  • In 2016, Itaipu Dam has beaten the annual record of power generation, producing more than 103 million MWh;

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  • There were used 12,7 million of m³ of concrete to the building of the dam. With this volume, it would be possible to build 210 football stadiums at the size of Maracanã;
  • Only in the 14th of November of 1978, there were dumped 7.207m³ of concrete in the dam – that means – something equivalent to a 10-floor building every hour;
  • With the iron and steel used in Itaipu Dam, it would be possible to build 380 Eiffel Towers;
  • The maximum capacity of the spillway – that is used to provide the controlled release of the water that isn’t used – is 62,2 thousand of liters/second. That means, 40 times larger than the average flow rate at Iguassu Falls.

That’s why the skydiving in Foz do Iguaçu has one of the most amazing sceneries in the world. Enjoyed it? So, book your jumping right now! 😉

Images: Mirante Hotel Foz, SkydiveFoz.

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