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Triple Frontier in 3 Days: Complete Itinerary with the Main Tours

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The triple frontier – Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina – is one of the most amazing places to meet in the world. The three countries reserve sensational and breathtaking attractions, like the Iguazu Falls, both in the Brazilian and Argentinian side.

Adding to it, there are several tours in Foz do Iguaçu that are very attractive. The city is home to more than 70 ethnicities, turning the visit to the city also in an immersion into different cultures.

All of those makes the triple frontier a special place and visiting it in a few days can be a huge challenge. Thinking about travelers that have little free time, we prepared an itinerary with the main and unmissable tours of the region. Check it out!

Day 1: Birds’ Park + Iguazu Falls (Brazilian Side) + Skydiving

Start the adventure in the triple frontier by the Birds’ Park. The place is home for more than a thousand birds in large nurseries prepared according to their natural habitat. Among the most famous are toucans, macaws, parrots and flamingos, besides reptiles and butterflies.

Then, go to the principal and most known tour in Foz do Iguaçu: the Iguazu Falls, that is next to the Birds’ Park. Considered one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the attraction has over 270 waterfalls and regular flow rate of more than 1,5 billion of liters per second that bring up a gorgeous view.

The conventional tour includes a light trail a bit longer than 1 km and, at the end, a catwalk takes you until the famous Devil’s Throat (Garganta do Diabo, in Portuguese). It is also possible to do the Macuco Safari Tour that, on an inflatable boat, takes the visitants until under the waters of the Iguazu Falls.

Finally, finish the day with a tour full of adventure: skydiving. With an amazing view of the Itaipu dam, the sunset hour is one of the best to jump with a parachute, turning into an even more beautiful landscape.,

The skydiving also depends on the weather conditions. So, if you can’t do it in the first day, you still have enough time to reschedule the tour and don’t miss the opportunity!

  • Tip: SkydiveFoz offers the free transfer service so that you can experience the adrenaline without worrying about the transportation.

Day 2: Iguazu Falls (Argentinian Side) + Dinner at Argentina

The tour in Argentina has longer trails, being necessary book an entire day for the visit. Besides, it is possible to meet this lush attraction from a different angle: the catwalks pass over the waterfalls.

Then, come back until the center of Puerto Iguazú, in Argentina, and taste the famous culinary of the country. The city counts with many high cuisine restaurants, besides a fair with regional typical products.

Day 3: Shopping in Paraguay + Itaipu

Start the last day crossing the Friendship Bridge (or Ponte da Amizade, in Portuguese) to get to the center of Ciudad del Este, where are located the main stores and malls. A tip is to prepare a list of items you would like to buy, since it is easy to get distracted at the hundreds of stores in the city.

In the afternoon, book some time to visit the biggest hydroelectric in power production in the world. The panoramic tour at Itaipu goes through several spots of the dam and takes at about 2 hours, with departures every 30 minutes. For those who want a more complete tour, the tip is to choose the Especial Circuit, with 6 departures during the day.

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