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5 Myths About Skydiving You Need To Forget Already!

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The parachute jump is on the wish list of many people. However, fear – and lack of information – is one of the main factors that causes some to postpone the idea of ​​experiencing it. The origin of this fear is often in some myths that exist about the sport.

That’s why Skydive listed 5 misconceptions about skydiving. Check it!

Myth 1: The Higher the Altitude, the Greater the Danger

In a parachute jump, jumps with higher altitude are also safer. In addition, the skydiving equipment is more modern and is manufactured with great caution and technology to further enhance the safety of the sport.

With a higher altitude, free fall time also increases – another reason that makes skiers prefer jumps with this feature, since they can enjoy and enjoy the view and jump even more. That is, the higher, the better!

Myth 2: You Can not Breathe During the Fall

Breathing during free fall is quite possible, contrary to what this myth says. Without the breath, the parachute would not be able to perform the procedures perfectly, like the opening of the parachute. Besides, you would not be able to enjoy the most exciting part of the parachute jump as well, would you?

Myth 3: It is Possible to Talk During Free Fall

Although you can breathe normally, talking at such a high speed – which can exceed 200 km per hour – is only possible in movie scenes. This is because the noise of the wind is so loud that it is difficult to hear any other sound.

But you can be sure that the free fall will be so exciting and fun, that you will not even want to talk!

Myth 4: The Parachute Will not Open

Accidents in this sport are rare and far less common these days. One reason is the advancement of technology in skydiving equipment, designed to provide more and more safety to the practitioner.

When performing a double jump, the parachutist will activate the parachute at the appropriate time. If there is a fault and the machine does not open, it is time for the Automatic Drive Device (ADD) to work. As its name suggests, the ADD serves to automatically open the parachute when it reaches the appropriate height.

Even with all protection, the instructor still carries a reserve parachute to ensure complete safety during the jump.

A very important tip, before jumping, is to always look for a company that follows the safety standards of the Brazilian Parachute Confederation – CBPq, such as the SkydiveFoz skydiving school, to ensure that the experience is totally safe.

Myth 5: I Need to Wear Oxygen Mask

The most common parachute jumps are made at about 10 to 12 thousand feet in altitude. At this point it is still possible to breathe normally, without the help of the masks. Only above 18.000 feet is it necessary to use extra oxygen inside the aircraft to aid in breathing and to prevent paratroopers from suffering from hypoxia – when oxygen concentration gets too low in human tissues.

Therefore, in a conventional jump there is no need to use oxygen masks.

Do you have any other questions or do you know of another myth about the parachute jump? Leave a comment!

Images: SkydiveFoz

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