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South America Travel: 5 Essential Planning Tips

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Taking a trip through South America is an adventure that draws people from every corner of the world. There are 13 rich countries in the diversification of cultures, climates, activities and more. Therefore, touring this vast continent can provide incredible moments and experiences, and even with the advantages of reduced costs, compared to countries in Europe and North America, for example.

However, organization is necessary in order to make the most of the journey. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide on how to plan a trip to South America. Check it out!

1. Have a Focus

It’s no use trying to get to know everything at once, especially if you do not have many days. There are almost 18 thousand km² of many attractions, places and cultures to explore.

So set a goal for your trip across South America according to the time available. One tip is to choose just one country and explore the attractions of the place to the fullest.

Another interesting idea is to define a theme and include in the itinerary the places that are inside it, for example: to know the historical cities with ruins of ancient peoples or to visit the best destinations of South America for adventure lovers.

2. Set the Time of Year

South America is an extensive continent that shelters countries with the most varied temperatures.

Observe the weather according to the activities you want to do. If you want to practice skiing and other sports in the snow, look for the southernmost cities of the continent in the coldest time of the year. But if you want to do trails, make sure you are not going at an inappropriate time – like in the rainy season.

3. Choose Mode of Transport

Another factor that should be taken into consideration when planning a trip through South America is the form of locomotion.

Therefore, research on the means of transport available in the chosen destination, as well as the locomotion between cities, avoiding unforeseen weather and headaches during the trip.

4. Know the Languages ​​of the Countries of South America

For Brazilians, it seems easier to communicate with the countries of South America, since Spanish – a language spoken by most nations – is similar to Portuguese. It is common to use a mixture of these languages ​​to resolve communication between peoples.

However, some words, even similar in pronunciation, have very different meanings. In addition, the resident of the country you are visiting does not necessarily understand another language. So, before packing, take a look at the most common and necessary vocabulary for everyday life, avoiding embarrassment and disagreements.

5. Stay tuned for Documentation and Vaccination

Thanks to Mercosur, Brazilian tourists do not need a passport to visit some South American countries – but it is necessary to have the identity document issued less than 10 years ago.

Some countries, such as Bolivia and Ecuador, also require the up-to-date vaccination portfolio – especially with immunization against yellow fever. But, to avoid problems, check the documentation required by the country before traveling – this guidance is valid for tourists from all countries.

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