7 Reasons That Will Convince You to Go Skydiving

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Many people are crazy to perform a parachute jump. However, at the time of planning, or even minutes before jumping, end up giving up the adventure. But why?

Fear, lack of courage, think that is not safe … Reasons is what they do not lack to postpone the will and put the dream in the drawer. However, the double parachute jump is one of the safest ways to venture, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment.

Still not convinced? So check out 7 reasons to make your first parachute jump and end up with the excuses!

1. Parachute Jumping is Safe

Pessoa arrumando equipamento de segurança

The first reason is to get rid of the safety myths about parachute jumping. All equipment used at SkydiveFoz is state-of-the-art and manufactured by one of the world’s best-known and renowned companies when it comes to parachuting: United Parachute Technologies (UTP).  

In addition, the double jump also has two parachutes: one main and another reserve. Both also have an automatic activation device (DAA), to ensure the opening at the right time.

2. Feeling Indescribable

Pessoa curtindo o salto duplo

No matter how hard we try, it is impossible to describe the sensation that the parachute jump provides. The adrenaline involved in the sport is so great that it is able to provide a huge pleasure by the free fall.

In addition, some people fall in love and become “addicted” to this sensation, which involves emotion and freedom, deciding to make the parachute jump a regular practice.

3. Overcoming Fears

Pessoa pronta para saltar do avião

For first-time practitioners, performing the double jump can provoke a mix of emotions. At first it may seem scary to jump from a plane thousands of feet high, but it is during the fall that you experience one of the best sensations and realize that everything is under control, generating a great self-satisfaction to overcome the fear and face the challenge..

4. Delete a Wish List Item

Após o salto de paraquedas

Do you know that list of “things” to do before you die? I bet the parachute jump makes up an item of yours. So, take the opportunity to jump with a serious and safe company and feel the satisfaction of scratching another line of this list!

5. To fly

Pessoa em queda livre no salto de paraquedas

Many people have the desire to fly and since small dreams of feeling that freedom on the skin. The double jump can provide the realization of this dream, with an exciting free fall and then a smooth flight with the parachute open.

6. Admiring Landscapes

Vista do salto de paraquedas

In general, the parachute jump is performed over beautiful scenery, which includes incredible scenery. In Foz do Iguaçu, for example, the adventure is made on a breathtaking view: the Itaipu Hydroelectric.

7. Take a Wave with the Guys

Vovó tirando onda antes do salto de paraquedas

After all, you can still rip off with friends and family. Record the moment with photos and an incredible video to show for the crowd and post on social networks. Many people love to see these images and admire the brave who performed the parachute jump adventure!

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