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Extreme Grandma: Meet the Old Lady Who Performed a Skydiving at 103 Years Old

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You must have already listened it is never too late to make a dream come truth, write a new story or even, who knows, start over. While there is life, the human being is able of fantastic and surprising acts. Thinking of it, we have chosen to tell the story of a lovely and super brave person that has been at SkydiveFoz to practice skydiving.

Our inspiration source of today is Mrs. Aida Mendes, or better stated, the cherished and affectional grandma Iaiá — the famous old lady that has performed a skydiving at SkydiveFoz at the age of 103. In love with the sport and without fearing challenges, grandma Iaiá is an example of serenity and good mood. Check out her story:

With plenty of health, Mrs. Iaiá Mendes — born in 1909 — is full positive vibrations and follows several sports: walking, running, swimming, soccer and many others. Despite the advanced age, she is always doing something and looking for learning something new.

In 2013, with the support of her family and friends, she decided to break a world record and jumped at SkydiveFoz, showing a bit of her vitality and courage. She went down in history and beat the record of the oldest person to skydive.

Mrs. Iaiá Mendes included the sport in her favorite list and nowadays has already performed several skydiving around Brazil. Always quiet and with a calm look, Aida Mendes is an inspiration for people with all ages.


The tandem jump can be performed by people of almost all ages. Only under 16 aren’t allowed to jump and, until the age of 18, it is necessary to show an authorization from the parents or person responsible for him/her.

Many people are afraid of heights and give up the adventure, but the safety of the equipment and the ability of the instructors guarantee an unforgettable and 100% safe experience. Mrs. Iaiá Mendes could verify all of it and also entered our list, that counts more than 20.000 jumps.

If the skydiving is also one of your dreams, it is worth it getting to know better the subject and face the challenge. The indescribable view, the adrenaline and the feeling of freedom are some of the facts that help getting the guts to face the altitude.

For those who are also in love with the sport, SkydiveFoz offers a skydiving course for beginners: the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall). The course has one of the most advanced technologies in the world, with theoretical and practical preparation.

Adding to it, there are other courses available and of different modalities, like the Free Fly and the BFF (Basic Body Fly). Find out what fits you better and do the same of Mrs. Iaiá Mendes: seize the life!

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Images: SkydiveFoz

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