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Everything You Need to Know About Shopping in Paraguay and Argentina

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Many people visit Foz do Iguassu with the intention of shopping in Paraguay and Argentina, in addition to appreciating the natural beauties and internationally recognized tourist attractions.

In less than 30 minutes it is possible to cross from one country to another and one of the main advantages is the price practiced, which is usually more in account than in Brazil.

That’s why we have prepared a guide with tips for shopping in Paraguay and Argentina during your trip through the triple border!

Shopping in Paraguay

During the 80’s and 90’s, purchases in Paraguay were extremely famous and the Bridge of Friendship, full of people from all over the world. Today, the number of shopkeepers that circulate there is a little smaller, the access walkway has gained a new face, but the visit to Ciudad del Este remains a must-see for those who want to take advantage of the triple border.

There are hundreds of shops and galleries offering electronics, perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, drinks, toys and more.

Crossing the Bridge of Friendship

Only one bridge, with 900 meters, separates Foz do Iguaçu from the center of Ciudad del Este. You can cross it in 5 ways:

  • By foot: The walk takes about 15 minutes and can be an advantage when the queue of cars is too big.
  • Bus: The bus that crosses the border passes in the center of Foz do Iguaçu and leads to Paraguay.
  • Moto-Taxi: Another common way to cross the bridge is by taking a ride with one of the moto-taxis that are close to the customs. The crossing also tends to be faster compared to cars.
  • Taxi: The conventional taxi with utility cars is also a way to go to Paraguay.
  • Private car: It is also possible to enter with your own car and use one of the parking lots in Ciudad del Este. To do this, make sure your vehicle is up to date with the documentation.

Tip: Talk to your hotel or travel agency to check the availability of vans or buses available to take and get visitors to the center of Ciudad del Este.

Tips for a Safe Shopping

Shopping in Paraguay requires attention and caution. Get products only at trusted stores and be careful with many prices below the one practiced – it may be a hint of fake product.

Among the top places and with best evaluation of the clients are Casa China, Monalisa, Nave Shop, Casa Nippon, Master 10, Lojas Americana and the malls Del Este, Paris, Americana, Vendôme, Lai Lai Center and the Jebay Gallery.

Shopping in Argentina

Best known for its charming restaurants, the city of Puerto Iguazú – which is part of the triple border – is not as well known as a destination for commerce. However, there are two well-liked options for those who wish to shop in Argentina:

Duty Free Shop

The Duty Free Shop of Puerto Iguazú is located in the Argentine territory, but before the customs that gives access to the city. The place offers products of the best brands with friendly prices as they are tax free.

Among the products available are perfumes, cosmetics, glasses, watches, clothing and beverages.

Fairs and Craft Shops

Another option of shopping in Argentina are the craft shops and souvenirs in the center of the city. A great souvenir for anyone who is visiting the area.

The fair in the center of Puerto Iguazú also has handicrafts and, mainly, typical foods of the region, such as delicious alfajores, wines and seasonings.

Besides shopping, take some incredible trips in Foz do Iguassu!

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Images: Decolar.com, JIE, Luz Hotel, Guia do Nômade Digital

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