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Find Out Everything About the World Skydiving Competitions and How to Take Part in Them

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Since the 1st parachute jumping, over 200 years ago, the sport evolved a lot by developing better safety for the equipments, freefall performances and management of the gear, as well as the number of athletes increased. With it, there also emerged skydiving competitions.

The first competition of the sport took place around the 1930’s decade and the parachutists competed to find out who could land closer to a target. Nowadays, the tests are done all over the world and consider different skydiving disciplines.

Check out more information about the championships in Brazil and in the world to get inspired and start training!

FAI: the Official Organizer of the Skydiving Competitions

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) is a non-governmental and non-profit-making organization. Among the main functions of the institution is to coordinate the principal air sports events in the world. The Federation counts with the International Parachuting Commission (IPC), that sets up an annual calendar with all the skydiving competitions that will take place in different parts of the planet.

The first skydiving competition promoted by FAI was in 1951, in Yugoslavia. The World Parachuting Championship counted with 5 European teams competing. Then, the disciplines that were evaluated in the tests were only freefall, style and accuracy. Within the time, other categories were also added.

It is possible to get into the main skydiving competitions that are done all over the world at the IPC website page.

Main Skydiving Disciplines at the Championships

Style and Accuracy

Considered classic, style and accuracy disciplines were the first to take place in a skydiving competition. In the style category, the athlete needs to show control and ability by performing predetermined maneuvers during free fall. At the discipline of accuracy, the parachutist has to land as close as possible to a delimited target in the ground.

Skydiving Formation Championship

One of the most popular disciplines, can be formed by teams with 4 or 8 athletes that need to create figures using their own bodies during free fall.

The competition has 10 rounds and, in each of them, the parachutists have to perform at least 6 different figures. The winner is the team with the higher number of correct formations.

Canopy Formation

This discipline requires the creation of figures, but using the open canopies. It is separated into 3 sub-disciplines: 4-way rotation, 4-way sequential and 2-way sequential. The first is formed by 4 athletes that need to rotate their positions to get points. The two last ones have 2 and 4 parachutists, which are punctuated by each different formation completed in the air.

How to Become an Athlete and Take Part in the Skydiving Competitions

To take part in the competitions, it is necessary to be a professional athlete and certificated by the Brazilian Parachuting Confederation, CBPq, or the equivalent institution in your country. SkydiveFoz offers some skydiving courses for those who want to become a parachutist. Check what courses they are:

AFF Course

The AFF course, or Accelerated Free Fall, is the first step for those who want to become a professional skydiver.

The skydiving course AFF has theoretical and practical classes, where the beginner jumps with other professionals and, at the end, performs the first solo parachute jumping.

BBF Course

The Basic Body Fly (BBF) is a skydiving course for the athletes that want to improve their knowledge about the sport. In this discipline, the parachutist learns more advanced tricks.

Free Fly Course

Free Fly is a course and a skydiving discipline that requires more experience from the athlete, since he/she will learn to perform even more complex maneuvers, like flying upside down.

Do you feel like becoming a professional athlete and competing? Tell us in the comments!

Images: Dropzone, WPC 2016, Défense de Russie, SkydiveFoz, AWE365.

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