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Things to Do in Brazil: 5 Destinations With Tours Under the Radar

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Brazil is considered one of the biggest countries in the world, regarding its size. With more than 8 millions of km², it is home for thousands of options of destinations for travelers. There are beaches, dunes, natural swimming pools, forests, plateaus and so many other landscapes, that it gets difficult to choose where to visit first. But then, how to decide the best things to do in Brazil?

The menu of places to travel around Brazil is so big, that it is worth finding out a bit more about the destinations and then choose what better fits your style. Therefore, we have separated some essential tips with alternative tours, cultural indications and much more so you can get under the radar on your next trip around Brazil. Check it out!

Rio de Janeiro – RJ

One tip of things to do in Brazil is to visit Rio de Janeiro, the most wanted state by tourists. The destination has beaches, several natural beauties and options for all tastes. But the best of it is when you can run away from the most common points of the city and explore alternative places.

Just like Parque Lage, one of the places to visit in Brazil. It is perfect for those who like history, nature and beautiful landscapes. With gardens, palm trees and an old mansion, the park is a great destination to relax and enjoy a sunny day.

Foz do Iguaçu – PR

Another destination that the tourists usually look for, Foz do Iguaçu is one of the most beautiful places of Brazil. The city is full of tours involving nature and lots of water, but there are also options for the ones that would rather stay on dry land or yet, for those who enjoy adventure in the altitude.

There are more than 40 waterfalls hidden around the city, as well as adventures in Rio Iguaçu and Paraná water and the option to perform skydive with an amazing view of the Itaipu Powerplant.

Salvador – BA

Another valuable tip of things to do in Brazil is exploring the places that have lots of history, but aren’t so famous. In Salvador, Largo de Roma, Forte Mont Serrat and Ponta de Humaitá are right destinations to get to know better about the city and its breathtaking landscapes.

Enjoy the visit and stay to watch the sunset, considered one of the most beautiful of Bahia.

Manaus – AM

The capital of Amazonas is a special destination and couldn’t be out of our list of fun things to do in Brazil. The city offers several cultural options, including theaters, shows, festivals, art galleries and much more. Manaus also has wide green areas with the amazon forest, as well as unique and mouthwatering gastronomy.

Santa Rita do Sapucaí – MG

For those who already know what to do in Brazil and look for a destination to rest, Santa Rita do Sapucaí is the ideal place. The small city, in the South region of Minas Gerais, has beautiful landscapes, with mountains and lots of green areas, as well as a rich mineira gastronomy and cultural options, like music festival, events of technology and a theater that is reference in all the state.

What about you, have you ever visited any of these destinations around Brazil? Leave your comment!

Images: Zarpo, minube, Loumar Turismo, Le Petit Guia, Folha Dirigida, Engenharia é.

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