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3 Tips of Things to do in Puerto Iguazu to Escape from Traditional Tours

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Triple frontier is rich in tours and attractions. In the Argentinian side, there are many options of things to do in Puerto Iguazu. The most known of them and which can’t be left outside itinerary are the amazing Iguassu Falls and the famous restaurants of the city. Besides, many people don’t miss the opportunity to gamble at the luxurious casinos or do some shopping at Duty Free Shop.

But, the city has several other attractions that are not very well known, but are worth the visit. Therefore, we have separated 3 tips of things to do in Puerto Iguazu to escape from the traditional tours. Check it out!

Güirá Oga

Named after Guarani language, meaning “birds’ home”, Güirá Oga is a wildlife refuge which rescue animals that were victims of smuggling, road accidents or that are injured. After proper treatment, the refuge returns the healthy animal to its natural habitat.

This tour in Puerto Iguazu happens with the assistance of a tractor to drive until the local where the animals are placed. The guides explain how is the recovering work, as well as offering information about the species of animal and plants.

Besides, the money that comes from the ticket returns to help the project maintenance by buying food for the animals and paying the veterinarians.

San Ignácio Ruins

For the history lovers, this is one of the most interesting thing to do in Puerto Iguazu. The Jesuit Missions of San Ignácio are considered a Historical Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

In the ruins of the place built in the XVII century it is possible to walk among the spaces where the guaranis lived and remember the history of the country. The place also counts with a museum.

La Aripuca

La Aripuca is a large-scale replica from the trap used by the indians to capture animals to eat. The structure is 17 meters high and was built with about 30 native species. The trunks come from seizures of illegal trade or reuse of fallen trees, for example.

Among the goals of the attraction are raising the awareness about the importance of natural resources, encouraging the environment care and spread the local culture, beliefs and traditions.

Besides the main attraction, the place has 4 other structures that can be visited:

  • Tacurú: a craftwork store built by local stones;   
  • El Yateí: a replica of the native people houses. On the inside, several local products made by small producers and local artisans are available to buy;
  • Cucurucho: a small bar that stands out for its juices and ice creams;
  • Termitas: an event hall that follows the structure and traditions of “La Aripuca”

Do you have other tips of thing to do in Puerto Iguazu to escape from the traditional tours? Share them in the comments!

Images: Latam.com, lleva.com.py, Stephen Travels, Puerto Iguazu.

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