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7 Information You Need to Know Before the First Parachute Jump

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While some want to experience the exciting experience of double parachute jumping, others who love adventure activities want to start practicing this sport as athletes. Regardless of the purpose, everyone must pass through the same energy: that which only the first parachute jump provides.

Just imagine getting out of a plane more than three thousand meters high, you can already feel the cold in the belly. However, the excitement and adrenaline experienced in this experience are unique and worth it. That’s why SkydiveFoz has separated the top tips for anyone planning to parachute jumping for the first time. Check it!

1. Start with the Double Jump


The double jump, or tandem jump, is one in which the practice is performed connected to an instructor. This is the best option for first-time jumpers, since it is possible to relax and enjoy the pure adrenaline sensation that the skydiving offers, while the professional is responsible for performing the main movements, such as handling the parachute.

2. Search for a Safe Jump Location

Parachute jumping is extremely safe if performed according to the indications of the Brazilian Parachute Confederation (CBPq). So before you jump, check to see if your chosen location is certified by CBPq.

3. Find Out About Jump Height

Throughout Brazil, the double parachute jump is performed from 10 thousand feet in height and the free fall lasts approximately 40 seconds. But in SkydiveFoz, beyond the standard height, you can schedule jumps of different altitudes: 12, 16 and 18 thousand feet, providing more than 1 minute of free fall.

The parachute supports up to 300 kg and takes 4 seconds to open. During free fall, the speed exceeds 200 km/h. It’s a lot of excitement and adrenaline!

4. Pay Attention to the Instructions Before You Jump


Before getting on the plane to play at thousands of feet of altitude, the student undergoes instructions for 15 minutes – to understand what should be done during the double jump – and that can be practiced still on firm ground.

5. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Comfortable clothes, which allow the movement of arms and legs, as do the sports clothes, are ideal for performing the parachute jump. For the feet, the use of sneakers is indicated.

6. Find out about the Restrictions for Parachute Jumping

Skydiving is a sport that requires full understanding and lucidity to be practiced. Some situations may influence the safety of the practitioner, such as drinking alcoholic beverages and diving practice within 24 hours before the jump. Therefore, it is not allowed to jump under these conditions.

Other factors that may prevent achievement are the weight, which should not exceed 115 kg, and the age, which should be greater than 18 years – it is possible to jump from the age of 16, provided that an authorization of those responsible is presented. Another common rule: Blood donors can not jump if they have donated the day before the jump.

7. Enjoy the Parachute Jump


Taking all the instructions, it’s time to get on the plane and enjoy the experience. During the climb, try to breathe well and look at the landscape to relax.

When it’s time to jump, follow the instructor’s instructions and then just enjoy the free fall, followed by a vibrant flight with the parachute open. It’s an incredible experience, full of adrenaline and worth living!

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Images: SkydiveFoz

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