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10 Essential Tips for Travelling Alone for the First Time

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Travelling alone is a challenging and liberating experience that is conquering more and more adepts. But, even loving the idea, a lot of people still are afraid of embarking on a journey without any companies, be it for safety matters or finding boring not to have any friends to do the tours with.

On the other hand, there are many great reasons why you should put the fear aside and travel alone. Having freedom to make all the choices, more chances to find new friends and acquiring self-knowledge are some of the reasons. So, if you want to take a solo trip and don’t know where to begin, check out some tips about how to travel alone!

1. Planning

Planning always comes first. Search about the destination, the best means of transportation and some options of accommodations. As well as making your life easier, it helps preventing bad surprises, that are harder to deal with when you are by yourself.

2. Identifications and Cards

Just as the popular expression says, “don’t push your luck”. The IDs and credit cards are essential to travel around other city or country, and being without them can get you into some trouble. So, keep it always with you, preferably in that stick-to-body bags and never at your back.

Another tip for travelling alone is to make a copy of your IDs and documents and lay them in the cloud, just in case of any surprises.

3. Follow Your Instincts

When you are travelling alone, it is wise to trust what your intuition tells you. If you have a bad feeling when entering a weird alleyway or talking to a different person, divert the way and avoid trusting strangers implicitly. It doesn’t hurt.

4. Cell Phone and Internet

Get a chip with internet access when arriving at a new country. It will make it easier to get in touch with family and friends, and vice-versa.

For precaution, it is also worth it telling someone you trust when arriving at and leaving from a place, as well as letting the person know about your itinerary.

5. Travel Insurance

We never know when we are going to get sick, suffer an accident or have any bad surprises. Therefore, hire a good travel insurance!

6. Learn the Local Language

You don’t have to be expert on the idiom, but learn some basic words and sentences to assure a reasonable communication.

7. Useful Apps and Phone Numbers

Apps for translation, maps and even to find other solo travelers on the way. Nowadays there are several perfect apps to help each kind of person that is travelling alone.

It is also important to have at hand some relevant phone numbers, like emergency, police for tourists and of your nation’s embassy in the country.

8. Alcoholic Beverage

If you are a fan of alcoholic beverage, it is wise to go easy on the booze. After all, you are alone.

Besides, it doesn’t matter the kind of drink you are having, it is important to keep an eye on the glass, especially in parties.

9. Careful When Packing

One of the most important tips to travel alone is to take only the essentials, principally if you are backpacking.

10. Get Close to Local People

As well as making new friends, getting close to local people allow you to know better their culture, unusual places and tours that goes beyond the common ones. Look for restaurants, bars, fairs and local parties, and talk with the people you find.

Another tip to make friends is staying in alternative accommodations, like hostels or couchsurfing, a way of sleeping in the house of local people.

Enjoyed the tips for travelling alone or have another great hint? Leave it in the comments!

Images: Pexels.

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