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5 Tips for Overcoming Fear of Height and Parachute Jump

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Fear of height is common among people all over the world and can be a deterrent to the simple things of day to day or even at the time of fun. It is hard to find anyone who does not have that cold feeling in their belly when imagining very high places.

However, even with this height fear many people still want to perform very high-level dreams such as riding a roller coaster, climbing a mountain, bungee jumping or parachute jumping.

If you are part of this group, check out the tips SkydiveFoz has prepared on how to lose the fear of heights and make your wish come true!

1. Try to Think Rationally

Salto de paraquedasWe know how high fear can be disturbing, but looking at the real facts and dangers is a good way to try to convince yourself that you do not have to be afraid.

The likelihood of a plane crash is much less than that of a car, buildings are designed by engineers and thought of in every detail and the parachute jump with a serious company is extremely safe thanks to the equipment with international safety standards.

Having the confidence that you are safe is one of the allies to overcome the fear of heights.

2. Breathe and Relax

Mulher meditandoCalm down, we know it’s not that easy. But there are several methods and practices that can be very useful in dealing with height fear. Yoga and meditation, for example, are millennial techniques that work concepts such as breathing and self-control of body and mind.

In this way, it is easier to send far away the negative thoughts and the terrible feeling that height fear provokes.

3. Avoid Stimulant Consumption

Pessoa segurando café
Stimulating substances, such as caffeine, help increase feelings of anxiety. Try to decrease or cut your intake of these foods to relieve tension and feel more relaxed, which can be a great help in dealing with height fear.

4. Face Fear Gradually

Pessoa no alto de um prédio

To overcome fear, it is also necessary to face it. However, do not do this all at once. As with flexibility exercises, it is necessary to advance a little bit each day, exposure to height should also be gradual. Otherwise, acrophobia may even be accentuated.

Go a little beyond your comfort zone, as you look from the balcony of the second floor of a building. When you feel more comfortable, move forward a little more. Little by little, you might end up celebrating overcoming with an exciting parachute jump.

5. Count on Friends Help

Colegas após salto de paraquedas
Look for colleagues who can handle this overcoming with you. A friend’s support for climbing in high places or the encouragement and company to do activities at heights is a relevant factor in coping with fear.

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Images: Skydive, Flickr, Comunicaffe International, The Strategy Distillery.

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