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5 Tips of Tours to Enjoy Ciudad del Este Beyond Shopping

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The stores are the main and most known attractions about Ciudad del Este, in Paraguay. Who is visiting Foz do Iguaçu hardly ever misses the chance of crossing the famous Friendship Bridge (Ponte da Amizade) to acquire products cheaper than in the other side of the border. Besides, the singular characteristic is one of the main attractions of the region: the possibility of visiting 3 different countries in just one day.

But, what many people don’t know is that Paraguai goes far beyond shopping in Ciudad del Este. The city has many attractions that can be interesting for those passing through the region. Therefore, we separated 5 incredible and different tours to have in Ciudad del Este and enjoy the most of the triple border:  

1. Restaurants

This tip is awesome if you want to extend the shopping tour at Ciudad del Este or even cross the border solely to taste a delightful dinner. The paraguayan city has many great bars and restaurants, that are located inside shopping malls or a little bit further the stores.

There are a great variety of options that includes since the Brazilian barbecue until typical dishes from the region. Another interesting tip is the restaurants specialized in oriental culinary, that live up to the taste of many residents of the region that have this ethnicity.

2. Nightclubs

For the night life fans, Ciudad del Este is a great alternative to enjoy some music, dancing and having some fun. The nightclubs of the city counts with great infrastructure and are frequently the destination of many people from Foz do Iguaçu and region that want to enjoy the night. The styles vary according to the nightclub and day, so it is possible to find latin music, like reggaeton, techno, rock, between others.

For those who prefer a less bustling program, there are many bars in the region that counts with a pleasant place, live music and tasty drinks.

3. Casinos

Not allowed in Brazil, going to casinos is a great way to enjoy even better the tour in Ciudad del Este. Besides the famous and traditional slot machines, it is possible to play Baccarat roulette, blackjack or Caribbean poker.

The casinos also count with fancy bars and restaurants on the inside for those who would like to add a good gastronomic experience to a gambling night. Some of them also have a service that takes and leaves the visitor at the hotel in Foz do Iguaçu.

4. Salto del Monday

Who said water is not part of the Ciudad del Este attractions? Saltos del Monday are located just 10 km far from the city and are composed of three imposing waterfalls with 40 meters of height.

Also part of the attraction, there are tracks throughout the preserved forest, belvederes with amazing sights and, for the adventure lovers, the big rock walls enables the practice of climbing and abseiling.

5. Jesuit Missions

But for the history lovers, it is worth it to go a bit further and get to know the ruins of the jesuit missions of Encarnación, at about 250 km from Brazil.

Paraguay is the country that preserves the biggest number of elements from the colonization of priests that came to catechize the tribes of the region. There are many buildings that were left to tell the history of an invasion that deeply affected the culture of the country. It’s worth seeing it!

Which tour did you get most excited to take in Ciudad del Este? Tell us!

Images: TripAdvisor, Lleva Viajes y Turismo, Bourbon Hotéis & Resorts, Portal das Cachoeiras, Falls Galli

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