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5 Trip Tips to Enjoy the Destination Like a Local Resident

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The best trip tips are those that help you enjoy better the journey and collect different experiences. More than getting to know common touristic attractions, a good trip also requires experiencing and learning more about the local people and culture. Therefore, the engaged travellers usually come back with richer memories and with greater personal growth when comparing with the “conventional tourists”.

So, if you wish more than just visiting traditional touristic attractions, you gotta check out the trip tips we have separated on this post:

1. Longer Time in the Destination

If you want to know better and get into the local culture, you will need more than just 1 or 2 days in each city. This time, in general, is only enough to visit the touristic attractions.

Therefore, plan some more days in the place so as to have the opportunity to attend the city as a local resident, visiting parks, bars, restaurants and other spots to get to know the people and be nearer the destination’s culture.

2. Alternative Accommodations

One of the best trip tips to enjoy the destination better is running away from the traditional hotels. The alternative accommodations, besides making easier the contact with local culture, are usually more economical.

In hostels, for example, the shared bedrooms and kitchen are great to make friends with other travellers. Besides, these places usually give parties and events that bring local residents, making easier to meet some of them.   

Couchsurfing is also an interesting option, since it is a kind of accommodation where the visitor stays at a local resident’s home. Another option is temporarily renting a house or room to have a more real experience from the destination.

3. Go to Local Programs

Visit parks, fairs, parties in the neighbourhood and what else you find away from the traditional touristic attractions. Ask local people about opinions and tips of cool tours in the region.

Walk around the city without destination, if it’s possible, is also an alternative to find out and meet new places.

4. Taste Local Food

One of the best experiences during the trip is the gastronomic one. Be open to try different food and seasonings with no prejudice.  

By the way, take the new friends you have made with the help from the previous trip tips and ask about local and out of the touristic itinerary restaurants. That way it is possible to save money and try out the truly local culinary.    

Another tip for those who have a handy kitchen is visiting supermarkets and prepare one’s own meal with the available ingredients.

5. Live it at Most

We rarely have the chance to visit the same destination more than once, especially when it is a long trip. Therefore, enjoy at most the place, allowing yourself as many different experiences as possible.

If the place lets you and the opportunity comes out, why not going out for a run, having a picnic, surfing, skydiving or even, for the ones with greater guts, getting a tattoo. Even if it looks like just a detail, the experience can be completely different and provide unforgettable memories of a different great trip.  

Did you like the trip tips to enjoy the best of your destination? Leave a comment!

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