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12 Typical South American Foods You Must Try

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Without doubt, one of the best parts of a trip is to taste the local gastronomy. The typical South American food are very tasty and very different from the dishes of other parts of the world. The variety is proportional to the size of the continent: huge!

So if you are on a trip through South America, you should not miss the opportunity to try unique dishes, born of a rich cultural experience with mainly indigenous and European influences. In addition, the very proximity and coexistence of several peoples were also responsible for the emergence of various delicacies.

Check out a guide with some typical South American dishes that you need to try!   

1. Ceviche

Made with raw fish marinated in citrus sauce and seasoning, this typical dish from Peru conquers palates from South America and from all over the world. The name “ceviche” comes from Quechua and means fresh fish. There are also variations with seafood, fresh and regional ingredients, which give the delicacy an unparalleled flavor.

2. Arepa Rellena

Arepa Rellena
Typical South American food, arepa rellena is easily found on the streets of Colombia and Venezuela. The dish consists of a dough made from cornmeal and can be stuffed with various ingredients like meat, chicken, beans, banana or egg.

3. Pastel de Choclo

Pastel de choclo
Traditional Chilean cuisine, the corn cake is a delicious pie made of corn ground and stuffed with meat, chicken, onions, boiled eggs and olives.

4. Chivito

This typical Uruguayan food is basically an “all” sandwich. Originally, the main stuffing was kid meat, but today it is more common to find chivito stuffed with a tasty beef steak, ham, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, boiled egg, mayonnaise and accompanied with French fries. Ufa! You can go very hungry.

5. Sanduíche de Pernil ou Chancho

Sanduíche de pernil
Already in Ecuador, the ham sandwich, also known as chancho is one of the country’s specialties. The dish can easily be found in kiosks in the streets or in restaurants and is served with various accompaniments.

6. Empanada

Argentina has some of the most famous and tasty South American foods, such as dulce de leche, alfajor, chorizo ​​steak and empanada – a kind of “bread” stuffed and half-moon shaped, which can be roasted or fried.

7. Chipa

Chipas paraguaias

Ideal accompaniment for the famous tereré (traditional drink of Paraguay), Chipa is a salty and roasted biscuit, made with starch of cassava and cheese. The typical food of South America has indigenous origin and is prepared by hand.

8. Feijoada


The typical Brazilian food could not fail to integrate this list. Besides the “rice + beans” combination that is traditional in the country’s gastronomy, the feijoada is also among the most appreciated dishes. The delicacy has a strong African influence and is prepared from black beans cooked with pieces of pork and beef. To accompany, rice, cabbage, farofa and orange slices.

What typical South American food have you tried? Tell us!

Images: Mariana Kalil, Tumblr, BRchile, Wikipédia, Agora MT, Cinthya Maggi, Pinterest, Magazine Feminina.  

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