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Basic Backpacking Guide: What to Take and How to Pack the Backpack

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Knowing what to take in backpacking is a very common question among first-time backpackers. After all, doing a backpack trip is quite different from using an ordinary suitcase, starting with the space available, which is usually much smaller. In addition, the weight also counts a lot, since the luggage will be loaded all the time in the back.

Therefore, it is essential to enter the climate and spirit of this type of trip, which is synonymous with detachment and adventure. With that in mind, we separate essential tips on how to pack and what to pack in the backpack. Check it!

Destination and Travel Style

From the choice of destination, check the time of year and the corresponding weather. If the location is hot, you will not need more weight and space in the backpack with heavy jackets. Take only a light jacket in case of an unexpected cold front.

For a more adventurous travel style, involving trails and rustic places, it is essential to carry a tent, sleeping bag, thermal insulation and camping items. Already for an urban tour, where the lodging is always in hotels or hostels, you can leave these objects out of the backpack.

Strategic Clothing and Shoes

Detachment is the watchword. With the little space available, save on the amount of clothing, taking fewer pieces and washing them along the way. Bet on wild and easy-to-use items for use at different times and climates.

For cold places, it is essential to have a second skin, fleece jacket (warm and space-saving), anorak (waterproof) and good socks.

The essential shoes are: one pair of slippers and comfortable hiking or tennis shoes.

Items that can not miss Backpacking

The first item of the backpacking checklist should be the documents, being one of the basic tips for those who want to make a backpack.

Also check personal hygiene items and a towel – prefer quick-drying ones, which take up less space and are very practical. In addition, padlocks are important to keep luggage safe in shared rooms, for example.

The flashlight is another simple item but it can make it much easier in some situations and should be present in your travel backpack.

Useful Items

Even if they are not essential, these items can be of great help in case of unforeseen events:

  • Basic Remedies (for aches, cramps, allergies, heartburn, inflammation, etc)
  • Extra/attack backpack (so you do not have to carry your backpack on all trip trips)
  • Nail cutter
  • Plug adapter
  • Wet wipes
  • Swiss army knife

* Extra tip: Use a doleira to carry documents and money separately and safely.

How to Pack Everything on Backpack

Do all you can to save space and weight in the backpack. One tip is to buy smaller bottles (up to 100 ml) to put liquids like shampoo and conditioner.

Another tip is to separate the items in separate waterproof bags, making it easier to organize and avoid wetting your clothes in case of unforeseen events over time.

For good weight distribution and easy access while traveling, place heavier items (tent, coats, general clothing, sleeping bag) in the base and body of the backpack. At the top or cover, take the objects that need to be accessed more frequently.

Do you have any other tips to make life easier for a backpacker? Leave in the comments!

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