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Reserve Now

You agree to the following when making your reservation:

  • I am older than 18 years old;

  • I accept the payment of an additional fee for R$ 70.00 for each 10 kg (22lbs.) over 95 kg (209 lbs.) (the limit ranges up to 130kg/286 lbs.) and this is even subject to an evaluation by the technical team;

  • I have not gone underwater diving, nor donated blood in the previous 24 hours;

  • I confirm I am not pregnant.


  • The reserved day and schedule are only for orientation purposes and they will be afterwards confirmed by SkydiveFoz up to 48 hours after concluding the reservation procedure;

  • The reservation schedule is not the actual jump time, but it is the expected schedule for arriving at the skydiving center;

  • Plan to spend 3 hours for the jump (including the preparation, instructions, jump, and concluding the captured images);

  • The jump cannot be performed, if you have done any type of underwaterdiving or donated blood in a period of 24 hours previous to the jump.


What clothing should I wear?

SkydiveFoz provides jumpsuits for all those who are going to jump and it is up to the customer to wear it or not.
Sportswear and comfortable clothing is recommended. Footwear must be flexible, sneakers are ideal.

What days and schedules are available for skydiving?

SkydiveFoz performs skydives every day from 8 a.m. to sunset. The customer should inform the preferred day and schedule for the jump when scheduling.

What happens if it is raining?

Foz do Iguaçu features a characteristic climate with isolated and momentary showers, therefore if the customer service team confirms the jump, then takes it easy and abide by the scheduled day and time. Our technical team monitors the climate and defines the feasibility of the jump.

Can I wear contact lenses or prescription glasses when jumping?

Yes, there are no restrictions, just advise the instructor when practicing for the jump, so that your eyewear is adjusted properly.

Can I carry my GoPro camera with me during the course of the jump?

No, according to the Brazilian Skydiving Confederation, for safety purposes, only graduate skydivers and who have jumped at least 50 times can carry cameras while performing a jump, due to the hazard of hurting themselves or others. However, you and your friends are free to video or photograph the ground procedures, but you cannot enter with any object aboard the airplane.

If I choose to jump with video, how will I get my video?

The videos will be delivered in up to 30 minutes after jumping on a flash memory stick.

Can my friend and I share a video?

Two people can be seen in a video on the ground while preparing for the jump; however in free fall, due to the distance between jumps, only one jump can be filmed.

Can I jump from the same takeoff as my friends?

We will do everything possible, so that you will jump from the same takeoff as your friends, however, in some cases, due to weight, aircraft balance, and available vacancies on the plane that will not be possible.

Can I eat normally before the jump?

Yes, you must eat normally, but not excessively. Contrary to what people think, any eventual air sickness from an open parachute occurs in people who are completely fasting.

What is the weight limit for performing any tandem jump?

The student’s weight limit for tandem jumps is 95 kg (209 lbs.) (The weight limit for tandem jumps is 95 kg (209 lbs.)including clothing and footwear.

What must I do if I am over the weight limit?

If you are over the weight limit, there will be an additional charge of R$ 70.00 for every 10 kg (22 lbs.) over the 95Kg (209 lb.) limit and an evaluation is required by our team. The maximum weight limit for any student is 130 kg (286 lbs.). All students are weighed at the school reception desk on the day when skydiving.

What is the minimum age for performing tandem jumps?

The minimum age is 16 years old; however young people from 16 to 17 years old require parental or legal guardian permission to perform the jump or the presence of both at the time when the jump is performed.

How does the free-of-charge shuttle service work provided by SkydiveFoz?

This shuttle service is free-of-charge for our customers in Foz do Iguaçu and who are in Puerto Iguazu we pick up in the Dutty Free Shopping. We pick you up at the hotel and drop you off again at the same place with no charge for this service. The vehicle goes on a route and picks up every one who is going to skydive at the same scheduleand after the skydiving takes the group back. If you have any companion(s) who will not skydive, you must inform this when scheduling.If the vehicle is fully loaded for that schedule with people who are not going to skydive, it will not be possible for the companion(s) to go in the same vehicle. The alternative is to get another means of transportation or arrange another schedule for skydiving, when there are available seats in the vehicle.

What about if I have a limited schedule and I cannot wait for the shuttle after skydiving?

If you have schedules other activities and cannot wait for the rest of the group, the solution is to call a taxi or another means of transport, our service staff will provide support for resolving this.

If you did not find an answer to your question, what how can you proceed?

The above answers are for frequently asked questions. If your question has not be clarified, you can get in touch with our service support channels: Telephone number: + 55 45 3027 5070 | Whatsapp: 45 99 148 9756 | E-mail: contato@skydivefoz.com