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Skydiving Courses

AFF Course - Accelerated Free Fall

This is the course for the student who wishes to become a skydiver. The theoretical part of this course takes from 8 to 10 hours. After concluding this step, the student has to perform 7 jumps. The first 3 jumps are monitored by 2 instructors. The other 5 are monitored by only 1 instructor. If the student performs all the required maneuvers in each level/jump, he/she will perform the 8th jump, after that one, the graduation will take place.

BBF Course - Basic Body Flight

There are BBF instructors on the SkydiveFoz staff. Here, the student, after having graduated from the AFF course, begins to learn how to spread his/her own wings. How to approach, raise, lower, turn, and perform other maneuvers.

ASL COURSE - Accelerated Static Line

The ASL method is the most traditional training program in the world. In it, the student is taught and trained to jump alone from the first jump. The instructor accompanies you in all phases of the jump until you leave the aircraft. As soon as the student jumps, the opening of parachute is performed automatically by attached to the airplane (Static Line). From then on, another instructor, in solo, accompanies and guides all his navigation, until the landing.

Drop Zone Informations

Athlete Skydiving or Skydive Drop Zone

The athlete skydiving heights are performed between 4 and 5 thousand feet and 10 thousand feet:

  • 4 to 5 thousand feet: solo jump;
  • 10 thousand feet: maximum height;
  • Minimum quorum of 4 athletes to climb the plane.

Drop Zone Rules

  • The athlete must perform the check-in procedure at the reception desk when arriving at SkydiveFoz, showing his/her license and logbook.

  • After doing the gear check, whereas the handles and pins, loops are inspected, reservation date, and the overall condition of the gear.

  • Then the athlete undergoes a safety briefing in the area.

  • After going through these steps successfully, the athlete is ready to perform the jump.

  • Wearing a helmet and DAA are mandatory for all categories.


All licenses and logbooks must be up-to-date. SkydiveFoz does not grant clearance, unless all documentation is up-to-date


  • Minimum age is 18 years old, or 16 with written parental permission.

  • Weight must be less than 95 kilos (209 lbs.).

  • Show a health declaration, proving aptness for sports activities.

Safety is our priority!

  • All the gear is state-of-the-art and checked meticulously before each jump;
  • The high tech features of the parachutes are noted in each detail, such as one of the components is classified as DAA – Automatic Activation Device. This device was developed and designed by NASA and it was recreated for usage in sports;
  • The gear for latching the passenger to the instructor is composed of four hooks and each one bears up a tension to up two-tons;
  • SkydiveFoz only utilizes the sigma model, considered the best and safest parachutes for skydiving with passengers;
  • All tandem jump gear used by SkydiveFoz is manufactured by UPT – United Parachute Technologies.
  • SkydiveFoz Skydiving has been in business for 3.8 years and it has performed over 20 thousand jumps over the Itaipu Dam, considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.
  • The SkydiveFoz instructors are professionals who have had years of broad-based experience under their belts in skydiving and have performed thousands of jumps;
  • Safety Day takes place twice monthly and this consists in training all involved parties in safe operations and procedures, and covering the most relevant subjects related to domestic and international skydiving;
  • Yearly, the instructors undergo a battery of tests as required by the Brazilian Skydiving Confederation.
The Airplane
  • We use Cessna-type aircraft